Type of project: Privé
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 373
Investment amount (Euro): 576 470
Investment amount (USD): 678 200

BaraJii has been in operation in Burkina Faso since 2003 through its
subsidiary la Société Burkinabè des Filières Alimentaires SA (SBFA). The company has seen its export sales revenue to Mali increase substantially over the years. To that effect, Barajii Group created in 2016 Société Malienne des Filières Alimentaires SA (SMFA).
SMFA has build a plant in Sanankoroba, Bamako to produce purified water and industrialized local natural juices. The products will be commercialized under the already established brand, BaraJii. The Company started its operations in April 2017.

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Investment projects in Mali

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