Kamalé Agropolis - ICS Project by SCS INTERNATIONAL


Type of project: Privé
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 7 383
Investment amount (Euro): 11 255 006
Investment amount (USD): 13 274 228

Mangoes are Mali's leading export fruit with a potential production of 575,000 tons, of which 200,000 tons can be sold or used in food products. In 2016, it exported 40,457 tons of fresh mangoes. Turnover in this field in 2016, all sectors together (food products / export and others), came to approximately 15 billion Fcfa, of which 11 billion was for export of fresh mangoes.  The Kamalé Agropolis of the SCS-Mali Company is a mango production,  exportation, and packaging project.  The products from its commercial orchard are certified, labelled and comply with production standards; creating high added value.

Today, on the project site, the activities developed and financed by SCS International are:

  • 50 hectares of mango trees in an industrial orchard which will produce 40 tons to the hectare: 20,000 mango trees were planted in 2015 and 2016, the first harvests will begin in 2020. The orchard is drip irrigated using solar pumps.
  • 4 hectares of market garden produce, also drip irrigated enabling year-round cultivation of  chillies, gombos and sweet peppers.
  • The SCS box company covers 4 hectares and will produce all of the boxes required by Malian industry and agriculture. Capacity 8,000 tons. This unit starts production in the first quarter of 2018, the buildings are under completion, the equipment will be delivered in December 2017.



The exportation and conversion of mangoes  has led to a major upswing in demand for fresh products which is not, as yet, satisfied for reasons of orchard access (rural tracks), with low orchard yield and few of the varieties requested in relation to exportable potential;

The challenge is to increase the quantities exported through reconversion and the creation of industrial orchards. The orchard can be improved by densification, renewal of plantations and introduction of varieties that are more suitable for marketing fresh and/or processing (juice, purée, concentrate, jam, etc.). Incidentally, the country has enormous potential in terms of land that is suitable for planting industrial orchards. The setting up of these commercial orchards also targets the development of a private enterprise sector in agro-food, and also high performance agro industries that will make a major contribution to sustainable economic growth and a reduction in rural poverty.


Maximising and controlling procurement in mangoes in order to meet increasing demand.

The mission of this operation will be:

  • Improving yield with new sites between 25 and 45 tons/ha (against 5 to 10 t/ha in the traditional orchards), achieved by the use of targeted and modern techniques and facilitation by a team of professionals.
  • To be a training and modern demonstration centre , combining theoretical and practical teaching on the themes of agribusiness, arboriculture, is aimed at producers for reconversion and the reinvigorating of their orchards to enable, through their increased yield, the consequential and exponential increase of their revenue. The centre will also have the role of encouraging young entrepreneurs to set up and reproduce the model, not only in the mango sector but also in other areas of commercial agriculture.

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