Type of project: Semi-public
Region: Ségou
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 34 109 763 999
Investment amount (Euro): 52 000 000
Investment amount (USD): 61 399 476

Soon in Ségou, the first solar power station in West Africa with an output of 33 MW. A dealership agreement has been signed by the government. This dealership, bearing on a period of 25 years has been signed by the various project partners, these being the Scatec Solar Group, Africa Power and the IFC (International Finance Corporation), as well as the World Bank, of which the IFC is a offshoot.

The annual production of the power plant is estimated at 60,000 megawatts-hour (MWh). The ground based photovoltaic power plant will deploy approximately 130,000 photovoltaic modules on a system of fixed structures and will be connected to an existing electricity transportation line.  It will supply clean and affordable electricity to a country that needs a far greater electricity production capacity in order to bolster its economic growth. The electricity produced by the plant represents approximately 5 percent of total electricity consumption in Mali, equivalent to the consumption of 60,000 homes in Mali.



A major asset of the country resides in the existence and availability of huge potential for sustainable energies, especially solar energy, hydroelectricity, biomass and biocarburants.
The existing framework for private investments constitutes a good starting point for investors, the current tax and customs system  being favourable the the development of sustainable energies.
The major advantages of the provision concerning energy investments remains the tax advantages and the simplification of approval procedures.
The partners to this project has well understood this potential and intend to provide an affordable source of clean energy, rapidly implemented and sustainable.


This solar energy plant constitutes a major initiative to reduce carbon  emissions in the West African electricity sector. One construction is completed, the Ségou solar energy plant will enable a C02 emissions reduction of approximately 46,000 tons/year.

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