11 Feb 2018

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Business meeting on gum arabic in Paris

On the sidelines of the international investor forum "Invest in Mali", the Agency for the Promotion of Investment (API Mali) in close collaboration with the Reinforced Integrated Framework (CIR Mali) organized a business meeting on December 16, 2017 in Paris' Hôtel de l'Industrie.

Under the theme "Business meeting: investing and undertaking in gum arabic in Mali", this event brought together investors, entrepreneurs and talents from the Malian diaspora to inform them about the potential of the gum arabic sector in Mali.

Panels were major part of the of the meeting highlights. Qualified speakers emphasised on the rich potential and economic advantages of Mali in general and the gum arabic sector in particular.

 Arabic gum, which is a natural and vegetable resin from acacia is produced only on the Sahelian band. In Mali, the production basins are concentrated in the regions of Kayes, Sikasso, Koulikoro and the District of Bamako.

Highly valuable for its recognized millennial virtues, it represents a competitive export sector with high potential on the global market with 3 varieties exported.

However, global demand for gum arabic is only 60% satisfied and its preservation characteristics make it virtually irreplaceable by substitutes. This makes it a major sector that holds many opportunities such as promoting food crops or legumes.

Mali presents real opportunities in the gum arabic sector because it has important stands of Acacia. But in order to develop, the sector needs more private investment, particularly in tree nurseries, plantations and processing units.

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