Make the bet on Mali

The birthplace of three great empires – the empire of Ghana, the empire of Mali and the empire of Songhaï- Mali is at the heart of West Africa, a rich and prestigious cultural and historical melting pot. King Soundiata Keïta and King Kankou Moussa, the richest man of all times, fully embody this country’s greatness whose potential is huge and genius exceptional. Mali was still a few centuries ago one of the world’s greatest cultural, commercial and intellectual centers.

The challenge for modern Mali, at the center of a fully expanding local and regional market, is to reconnect with this legacy.

Malians, backed-up by a strong political will and the unprecedented drive of young entrepreneurs, have decided to rally the energies and investments needed to boost development and to support the country’s social and economic localdlish emergence. The priority bringing together all driving forces in the country is for Mali to become a strong and attractive regional hub and be one of the major players in West Africa’s growth.

There are many opportunities; the sectors of economic activity with high levels of profitability are many and varied: agriculture, livestock farming, energy, infrastructures, etc.

Investing in these sectors means betting on this new Mali, to be a player in the great story of a pioneering Nation, full of promises and opportunities.

Mr Baber Gano

Minister of Investment Promotion and Private Sector

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Investment projects in Mali

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