Betting on Mali

Over the last few years, all Malians have mobilized to consolidate the peace in Mali. The country is recovering from a period of insecurity and uncertainty and its people are stronger and more determined than ever to build a better future for all.
Inspired by this push for peace, the government has developed and implemented a series of reforms to facilitate investments, entrepreneurship, and job creations with a view to promoting and unleashing the country’s full economic potential.
Farming and raising livestock are transforming into agribusiness and are feeding the entire sub-region. The energy sector is supporting industrial growth, and the infrastructure is ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth. There are advantages that can be capitalized upon and developed; There are challenges the people of Mali are ready to face, pushed forward by the dynamic and motivate young people in the country.

SEM Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta

President of the Republic, Head of State

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Investment projects in Mali

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