4th bridge in Bamako


Type of project: Public
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 60 000
Investment amount (Euro): 91 500 000
Investment amount (USD): 120 000 000

The project concerns the construction in Bamako and upstream of the Fahd bridge, of a toll motorway bridge over the river Niger and the development of access roads.


This 4th bridge would help realise non-negligible gains in space and time for traffic across the left and right banks of the Niger, with positive consequences on the economy as a whole and on the environment, in particular air pollution, by the limiting the distances travelled and the occurrence of traffic jams. It will also help save considerable amounts of time for commuters from dormitory districts in Commune V, the vast majority of whom work in the administrative and business districts located on the left bank.

Its operation will also provide some relief at peak times to the three other bridges in the city (Martyrs bridge, Fahd bridge and new bridge).

Son exploitation permet aussi de désengorger, aux heures de pointe, les trois autres ponts de la ville (pont des Martyrs, pont Fahd et nouveau pont).


  1. Improvement of the living conditions for residents on both banks thanks to transport cost reduction and improved transportation conditions;
  2. Significant reduction in the number of road accidents and traffic jams;
  3. The Malian capital is equipped with modern infrastructures.


For private partner(s)

  1. Land provided by the State free of charge;
  2. Potentially significant traffic;
  3. Good site location;
  4. Payment of a subsidy by the State to the private operator to guarantee an incentive profitability rate. The amount of the subsidy will be decided during the feasibility study. 

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