AGRIMA rice growing project


Type of project: Private
Region: Mopti
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 39 357
Investment amount (Euro): 6 000 000
Investment amount (USD): 73 841 313

The agricultural sector is the first lever of Mali's economy. The contribution of rice in this sector is crucial because in addition to its contribution to the country's economic growth, rice plays a central role in food security.
Considered a strategic product in Mali, rice is given particular attention in terms of public policies and political issues. It is perceived as the main commodity for achieving food security, improving farmers' incomes, and meeting growing urban demand at a reasonable price. Although production is rising sharply, it does not cover the needs of the population. Thus, despite the potential of the irrigated land, Mali imports rice to fill its production deficit. The AGRIMA rice project aims to solve part of the problem.


The project will allow :

  • the promotion of employment and the fight against unemployment by creating at least 500 direct and indirect jobs,
  • an increase in rice productivity for partner producers,
  • reduced imports of rice,
  • creation of a strong added value that will contribute to the growth of national wealth and the strengthening of the private sector,
  • improvement of the country's trade balance by additional currency flows through export of paddy rice,
  • social development through the fight against poverty.


The project concerns the production and processing of rice in the Office du Niger area. More specifically the project will pursue :

  • the development of an area of 10,000 hectares which will produce annually 120,000 tons of paddy rice with a yield of 6 tons/hectare for two seasons per year with a range of mechanized agricultural equipment,
  • the installation of a factory for milling rice,
  • milling part of the paddy production (70,000 tons) for local consumption,
  • the recovery of straw, bale and flour by-products,
  • the instauration of collaboration with producer organizations or cooperatives, with provision of seeds, inputs, technical advice and possibilities of aid with mechanization, and the machining of their production.


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