Type of project: Private
Region: Bamako
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 295
Investment amount (Euro): 449 725
Investment amount (USD): 526 786

In Mali, and Africa in general, there are few supermarkets; most people still buy their food from traditional markets. However, the middle class are doing their shopping in the growing number of supermarkets. The concept of food stores in urban African areas is spreading. The exponential growth of urban areas exacerbates the food supply issue. Africa, which currently has around 60 cities with over one million inhabitants, offers very favourable economic conditions. Our target customers are companies and city dwellers.


The rapid growth of the middle class - especially in Mali - will continue to increase and will significantly boost our sales in the coming years. Increasing use by consumers - thanks to flexible hours reliable deliveries, etc. - will contribute to the profitability of our stores. Developing new sales strategies i.e offering rare and imported products alongside locally produced products. Selling imported products in the local market will have to reach a critical level to be profitable. In order to drive this innovative activity via a new method of distribution, we must be skilled at negotiation.


Our aim is to open food counters and cafeterias in the same way as businesses do in France and the rest of Europe. We then plan to offer preferential prices to loyal customers in the first twelve months of operating. These preferential prices will be offered to customers who show an interest in purchasing their food from our supermarket and who recommend new customers.


The total cost of the project is estimated at 295,200,000 million CFA i.e. €450,000 - Required investment: 262,400,000 i.e. €400,000 - Personal contribution: 32,800,000 i.e. €50,000

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