Construction programme of 1,100 homes in Bamako, Mali.


Type of project: Private
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 36 462
Investment amount (Euro): 55 585 961
Investment amount (USD): 65 110 714

Construction of housing projects for public administration staff, private sector staff and Malians living abroad. Three types of housing are planned: Social F3/Affordable F4/Standing F5. Land and studies available.


Mali faces a structural housing deficit. The situation, exacerbated by urbanisation and soaring demographics, is leading to an increasing number of areas in precarious situations, lacking basic urban services and fostering the construction of insecure housing. Studies conducted in 2015 in Mali’s residential sector show a need for around 440,000 housing units. This housing deficit spans, in particular, needs expressed by civil servants (44.5%), the diaspora (45.5%) and the unemployed (10%).


Aware of these issues, Mali’s Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing has initiated a vast housing construction programme, applying a national housing strategy to respond to the difficulties in accessing housing faced by the low and middle-income populations. Between 2014-2015, the Malian Housing Office (OMH) recorded the launch of a programme for 20,000 social housing units, work on 1,552 state housing units, as well as 1,000 housing units co-financed by Mali and the BID, putting the goal of building 50,000 homes between 2014-2018 into perspective. In an effort to participate in the overall goal, TRACO INTER SA initiated its private property programme.



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