Diaspora project for Malians living abroad, 1,500 homes.


Type of project: Private
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 42 700
Investment amount (Euro): 65 095 730
Investment amount (USD): 76 250 000

A programme to build 3,000 homes for Malians living abroad across three different categories: Social F3/Affordable F4/Standing F5.


Progress report: technical and economic studies, as well as the plan for different types of housing are available and include the acquisition of land plots. The list of various beneficiaries will also be made available. They will be joined by banking partners for establishing a buyer-loan system, which will be used to repay the investment amount at a time agreed upon by the promoter and the investor by issuing a bank guarantee.


TRACO INTER SA has initiated this 3,000 homes construction programme to allow every Malian, whether living within or outside of the country, to become a home owner through the most reliable and cost-effective means.



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