Fonio processing


Type of project: Private
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 105
Investment amount (Euro): 160 071
Investment amount (USD): 187 500

The project driven by Kadiatou SISSOKO is aimed at upgrading, through the acquisition of new machines, a unit to process fonio into douga, a grain very widely-consumed in Mali.


To have a production unit compliant with standards on equipment and construction and capable of covering the community’s need for quality fonio, and secondly, to be representative of the entire region, or district.


  1. Processing fonio into pre-cooked material and douga   
  2. To increase production and sales                  
  3. To save time and revenue
  4. To create jobs and help fight unemployment


1. 4 sealed driers          

2. 2 large-size gas driers                      

3. 2 fonio parboilers                                                  

4. A Burr grinder                                                              

5. 3 huskers                                                          

6. 2 fonio washers                                                

7. 2 hangars.                                                            

8. 10 ladders.                                                        

9. 6 chairs.                                                                        

10. A delivery vehicle                                                      

11. Construction of a production unit

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