Type of project: Private
Region: Kayes
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 600
Investment amount (Euro): 914 694
Investment amount (USD): 1 071 429

Energy needs are increasing exponentially at global level Industrial activities and Mali's automobile fleet are growing rapidly The country is swamped with a significant amount of waste oils estimated at more than fifty thousand tonnes per year.
The user oil sources are vehicles in mechanical garages and petrol stations, industrial units, mining companies, oil companies' depots, etc.


The GTIM project is the first of its kind in Mali.
It contributes to significantly reducing pollution which is characterized by the degradation of water, soiling of the land, posing a major public health problem. Thanks to the Kita waste oil treatment and recycling unit


preventing the degradation of the environment and deterioration of the living environment of the populations following the completion of projects

  • the reduction and/or repair of the damage caused to the environment by the application of measures to mitigate, compensate or correct the adverse effects caused by hydrocarbon residues
  • optimization of the balance between economic, social and environmental development - participation of the populations and organizations concerned in the various phases of project implementation
  • provision of information necessary for decision-making
  • transformation of this waste into energy with traceability of the process.



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