Type of project: Semi public
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 500
Investment amount (Euro): 762 245
Investment amount (USD): 892 857

According to a study by the International Energy Agency published in 2012, among the 1.4 billion people in the world who do not have access to electricity, more than half live in rural areas far from a grid and widely disseminated, for which, only a generation of electricity is possible.
The most frequently deployed solution in isolated sites is the diesel set associated with a generator. This solution is currently the most attractive because its initial investment cost in equipment is very low, however the costs related to its operation remain high, as also are the associated greenhouse gas emissions.


The objective of the "Inov-Solar" project is the deployment of a technology for the electrification of isolated sites, easy to maintain and based on the exploitation of renewable energy, in order to overcome the problem of supply of fuel and the discharges that may be caused by some technologies. It consists in developing a unique and modular standard technology to simultaneously produce electricity, drinking water and heat for industries, micro-industries and households living in rural areas. The idea is the principle of electricity-heat cogeneration, with a new approach to thermodynamic solar technology, which is the design of a thermal storage using only materials and products harmless to the environment, while preserving the eco-system and biodiversity. Our concern is to produce 50 MWh/year of electricity, 1,000 m3 of drinking water and about 800 MWh/year of energy over a period of 20 years minimum.


Public Private Partnership (with technical and financial support)

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