Installation and operation of 10 greenhouses for the production of market garden crops


Type of project: Private
Region: Koulikoro
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 3 294
Investment amount (Euro): 5 022 627
Investment amount (USD): 5 883 263

Installation and operation of 10 greenhouses of 1 ha each for the production of market garden crops
Installed since 2011, the company is seeking to pick up the challenge of agricultural productivity through modern techniques, and also the quality of agricultural products. With the use of agricultural greenhouses climate risk, which is one of the most important in our country, is better controlled. Mali has a very high seasonality of prices for market garden produce and like many of its neighbours where export is a major asset.


The challenges include: full-time greenhouse operation, control of horticultural production, satisfaction of a new emerging market, export to neighbouring countries, support from the local authorities


The objectives are: to produce tomatoes (at least 300 t/ha over 4 ha and more), cucumbers, peppers and flowers all year round. Installation of cold rooms, a packaging unit and specialized transport and packaging logistics.


Project cost is € 5,022,627

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