Processing and marketing of cashew nuts, Yanfolila


Type of project: Private
Region: Sikasso, Ménaka
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 474
Investment amount (Euro): 722 608
Investment amount (USD): 846 429

Combating poverty by increasing and diversifying rural incomes


On-site value creation and resource regenerationReducing unemployment among vulnerable groups (women, girls and boys)Dependence on raw nut exporters


Enhancing the cashew nut sector in Mali by :

  • the purchase of 670 tonnes of raw cashew nuts- the sale of : * 70 tonnes of fresh cashew almonds * 30 tonnes of toasted cashew almonds * 35 tonnes of cashew paste
  • creating 100 permanent jobs for girls and boys.
  • increasing the incomes of 3,800 cashew nut producers


Long-term fundingEquipment purchasesMarket Access

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