Production of cashew almonds


Type of project: Private
Region: Sikasso
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 775
Investment amount (Euro): 1 181 480
Investment amount (USD): 1 383 929

The project consists of establishing an industrial cashew processing unit in the Sikasso Region. The company will market Mali's cashew products and by-products. The plant will be set on a plot spanning one hectare.


The plant will offer products and by-products from cashew nut processing.
The company will offer the following products among others:
1st choice almonds, 2nd choice LWP, 2nd choice SWP, 2nd choice BUTTS.
A traceability system will be put set up to meet the requirements of international trade. Ultimately, the company will seek certification for its products.


The project’s strategic core is embodied by the partnership formed with the Union des Coopératives des Producteurs d’Anacarde de Kolondièba. This Union includes 12 producer cooperatives with a production of 5,000 to 7,000 tonnes of cashew nuts per year. The Union will be awarded 10% of the company’s shares, in addition to technical assistance provided to its member producers in improving their productivity and management procedures.


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