Sanitation and Urban and Rural Infrastructure Works Project in Bamako


Type of project: Private
Region: Bamako
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 5 769
Investment amount (Euro): 8 794 784
Investment amount (USD): 10 301 786

The project is aimed at carrying out the following works:

  • pick-up, collection, and disposal of solid and liquid household waste; 
  • gutter cleaning, maintenance and construction;
  • road asphalting, rural road construction and reconditioning through levelling, etc.); 
  • the development of agricultural plains, dykes and small drainage dykes.


Out of the 1,222,896m3 of solid waste produced in Bamako in 2013, only 574,760 m3 were routed to transit depots, 327,613 m3 of this being conveyed to final landfills.
The insalubrity of the city of Bamako is due to the failure to convey 895,283m3 of solid waste to final landfills.


This project would be set deep in the household waste collection system, crossing through all areas of Bamako, in line with the resources it plans to deploy on the ground.
It will contribute to the removal of household waste from the household level, to the final landfill if needed.


Funding is sought for:              

  • Collection of household waste (solid and liquid); 
  • Gutter construction/dredging; 
  • Urban and rural infrastructure construction (rural roads, hydro- agricultural outfitting, construction of public and community buildings, etc.) 

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