Sikasso Zegoua Road


Type of project: Public
Region: Sikasso
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 176 825
Investment amount (Euro): 269 567 975
Investment amount (USD): 315 758 929

Sikasso-Zegoua is the last section in Mali on the only road linking the port of Abidjan to Bamako. The average daily traffic is more than 1000 vehicles, of which almost 40% is heavy goods vehicles. As a priority project in the WAEMU Regional Economic Program, it is one of the links in the Regional Highway of West Africa. Built between 2002 and 2004, the road is 7 m wide for two-way traffic and is 95 km long.


After asphalting of the road in a surface dressing and under the combined action of bad weather on the one hand, and increasing traffic on the other hand, the road presents important structural degradations requiring reconstruction work. The State is planning to carry out development work in 2x2 lanes of this vital link for Mali's economy. All the study files (APS, APD and DAO) are available. An economic evaluation of the project carried out on the basis of the motorway option and the development option (5 BB + 15 GB + 25 GLN) for an investment cost estimated at 176.8 billion FCFA releases an IRR of 12.6% and an NPV of 9.6 billion FCFA


The project is justified by: (1) the contribution to regional integration, (2) the need to improve the defective condition of the road, (3) to diversify the access corridors to the sea and (4) to contribute to a significant reduction in the cost transports.



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