SOUKEÏNA Agrosylvopastoral project


Type of project: Private
Region: Ségou
Investment amount (millions CFA francs): 1 640
Investment amount (Euro): 2 500 000
Investment amount (USD): 2 928 379

As part of the development of Mali's agriculture, one of the options is to improve production techniques as well as management of the system in order to improve production which targets more and more the domestic or regional market. This change involves a new economic model that several operators dream of concretizing in the Office du Niger area, including Mr. Diallo Souleymane, holder of a lease of 50 ha in Bèwani, in the Office du Niger zone


There are many challenges: crop-based model irrigation, flawless development, controlled and profitable production, assured diversification and economically sustainable partnership management.


On 50 ha, Market gardening products for export and all year round, forage crops, oilseeds, poultry farming and fattening


Need for investor and partner for the implementation cost of the project € 2.5 million

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