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3 Questions for M. Walid Loukil

1. What were the outcomes of your participation in the Invest in Mali Forum?

Thanks to the forum we have been able to develop a lot of interesting contacts for our Group which is quite diversified. This participation allowed us to implement an agricultural project which consists of setting up a program for the development and improvement of agricultural farms for a private Malian economic operator. This program is part of the Malian national strategy for intensification of the agricultural sector to enable it to play its full role and to realize the objectives of the National Investment Plan for the Agricultural Sector.

The present Agro Sylvo Pastoral and Industrial Program (PASPI) will be carried out at the Senkoro (335 ha land title) and Sadiouroubougou (35 ha land title) sites and takes into account the soil and climate constraints of the two farms and the promoter's objectives in terms of land use improvement of crop and livestock production integrated into the development of meat and milk sectors in the project area.

2. At what stage is your project, 3 months after the « invest in Mali » forum?

We have already carried out several missions in Bamako after the Forum Invest in Mali and our teams are in the process of finalizing the technical and economic study of the project.

3. Based on your experience, what message would you have for investors regarding the destination Mali?

For us, Mali is a destination for the future especially for the agricultural, industrial and distribution sectors where much remains to be done. A market of over 17 million people with increasing purchasing power, this country is full of human potential and presents a real opportunity for foreign investors who want to settle in Africa and participate in the rapid development of the economies of the countries. SSA.

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Investment projects in Mali

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